Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sue Coombes

Metal and Stone aka Sue Coombes is with us once again.
In case you haven't seen Sue's work before she makes exquisite jewellery using silver and gold.
All of her cast designs are original and cast from handcarved wax.

Sue also cuts and polishes a lot of her own stones, using some beautiful Australian stones - opal, jasper, agate and chrysoprase.

Sue will have a wonderful selection of rings, earrings and necklaces on show as well as great gifts for men including zodiac sign necklaces on leather chokers, cufflinks

Leisa Hoare

Leisa is the creative force behind Vintage Creations.

At the moment Leisa is specialising in the most versatile bags ever!

They can be a handbag, shoulderbag, backpack or satchel all with the clever arrangement of the straps.

Not only that but the decorative fabric lid zips off and can be replaced with one of a different design and colour - giving your outfit an instant makeover!

Leisa uses recycled leather and wonderful fabrics to make her bags.
These are great for travelling and would make a wonderful gift.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Romy Roeder

Romy Roeder creates wonderful things from her studio in the inspirational township of Lawson.
There are teddy bears and their pals, gollys vying for space with all the Christmas creations of snowmen, santas, angels and many others such gingerbread men and reindeer.

Romy has a very distinctive, unconventional style.
Some of her pieces have a folk art ethos. Others are of the altered art style.
She alters objects like old chairs and other common household items to become wild and wonderful decorative art.
Old cigar boxes become shrines to house snowmen or other unique collectables.
Old Cigarette tins become little pieces of art, when altered and containing tiny old treasures such as old dolls, keys, pocket watches etc.

Romy is particulary inspired by old birdcages which she finds are a  delight to alter. 

Romy's house is bursting at the seams with all the various creations and she finds it very hard to part with all her treasures.
It's a rare treat to be able to see and have the opportunity to purchase one of Romy's one-of-a-kind artworks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Claire Broughton

We're delighted to have Claire Broughton with us again.
Claire's patchwork bags and quilted table runners were very popular last time.

For those of you who are not familiar with Claire's wonderful work, she has been sewing and quliting for over 20 years and always has something new to show.

Claire enjoys finding the most beautiful fabrics - and then cutting them up!
But what she then creates is far more lovely that the constituent parts!

Look out for Claire's bags, table mats, babies cot quilts, and incredibly useful pocketed wall hangings at the market on Saturday.

The Box People

 The Box People are Andrew Taylor and Marina Brown....who, funnily enough make mainly boxes but also other creations from recycled, found & foraged materials such as wood, metal, fabric, computer bits, old handles and latches and hinges and all manner of matter that they find appealing.

Marina and Andrew have been creating their functional artworks for 20 years in Sydney,selling mainly at markets and festivals.
They moved to Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Oct 2010 and since then have been selling their work at festivals such as Winter Magic, Ironfest, Leura Fair, Footlight Fest etc...

Every piece created by collaborators Andrew and Marina is an individual work of art.
you have to look inside each one as well, because there are surprises!

There is no end to what Andrew can turn into a box!

As well as boxes you will find delightful little wall plaques and magnets - all with a story to tell.

The Box People can also be found regularly at the  Magpie (Lawson) and Blackheath Community market. Look out for them at the Bluebird Market in Leura in mid December.
A great selection of work can be found everyday at the Nook @ Leura, a co-operative gallery.
We wlcome Marina and Andrew for the first time at Mountain Makers this coming Saturday.

Hurray for the creative mountains community!!!