Monday, April 25, 2011

Designer :: Sami Bop

Since the wee '80s I have been recycling all sorts of fabrics to create something entirely different and fun. I extended my knowledge by studying Fashion Design and Production and worked within the industry for a period of time.

I individually make each and every Sami Bop garment myself using selected vintage and recycled fabrics in unique styles and pattern combinations. I love working from my home studio (with my two little ones) creating girls and boys clothing mostly in sizes 00 to 8

We last spoke to you here and since then your business has continued to grow from strength to strength – which is great – but sometimes means having to spend less time being creative and more time on the “business” part. How do you manage that?

I have learnt that to be able to promote the creative side of my business I need to incorporate all the other aspects involved in producing it.

When I researched the Blue Mountains Business Advantage Awards 2010, I discovered there was an ‘Innovation and Environmental award section. I was advised to attend a workshop on how to apply. It was a wonderful exercise in marketing as well as realising how far my range has developed over the years. I have been so passionate about what I do that I found the questions quite simple to answer, and was so pleased to be awarded Finalist in both categories I had applied for.

I have distributed my time as best I can between all the different tasks required, and although it is a challenge at times, I find this makes the whole process more varied and interesting.

Like all the exhibiting artists, you’re a Blue Mountains local. Where are you based and what do you love about your village?

I am based in Hazelbrook. I think the best thing about living here is the convenience of being located in the heart of the mountains area, where the weather is great and the people are friendly.

And now for a big one: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I plan to be doing some interesting and exciting things with all the fabrics I have accumulated over the past 6 years or more. The possibilities are endless - although the time I have to do what I want is not!

What will we get to see from you at Mountain Makers this year?

Since the previous Mountain Makers was around Spring/Summer, this time I will be presenting some Autumn/Winter garments and I have also got a reversible hat/cap style which is proving quite popular for both Kids and adults.
Due to popular demand from my customers over many years, I have finally embarked on a women’s A-line skirt range as well.

Discover more about Sami Bop here

Designer :: Forget Me Not Paperware

Forget Me Not Paperware is a grass roots Australian business offering unique designer stationery, proudly crafted by hand from environmentally conscious materials.
We create writing sets, individual artcards, notelets, gift tags, jotters, printed paperware and special event stationery with an eco edge. Our range is always changing and evolving, so be sure to check back regularly.

We last chatted with you here. What's been happening since then?

Lots! But in a nutshell, I've continued to balance {not always very successfully, mind} work, family and study. Last year saw some of my work featured in some noteable print media as well as the design publication Handmade Living. At the current time I am working on an exciting new project called Making Spaces in conjunction with Kirrily.

Like all the exhibiting artists, you’re a Blue Mountains local. How long have you lived here and what do you love about your village?

I am now officially a local apparently. I've lived in the mountains for 7 years, and Wentworth Falls for most of that. Whilst it took me a while to settle into the pace of life here, that's now exactly what I love about my village. You'd have a difficult time convincing me to live anywhere else.

What do you think are some of the limitations for indie business owners here (if any)?
I echo what has already been stated by others regarding supplies - however, that really is easily overcome with the internet. In terms of customer base, most of my sales derive from overseas or interstate so my location does not limit me at all in terms of business.

What works of yours will we get to see at Mountain Makers this year?
I have a new printed range of recycled stationery for household organisation, and also fresh season notelets, artcards, wrapping paper, stationery sets, office accessories, jotters and more!

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