Friday, August 21, 2009

5 minutes with… metal and stone

Solid Sterling Silver Cowrie Shell Amulet Pendant

Who are you & what do you do?
I am Suzanna Coombes jewellery designer maker, silversmith and lapidary.
Born with the name Suzanna married the Coombes bit.

I`ve been making jewellery (and other stuff) for as long as I can remember.Whilst studying jewellery design in the late 80`s I specialized in silver work, combining it with various materials from perspex and found objects, to gold. My work has been exhibited in various group shows, the most recent being with the Jewelers and Metal Smiths group of Australia (JMGA)in an exhibition entitled "The Vessel", and at Metalabs "Expeditions" show held in Sydney.

In 2004 I took up the art of lapidary and stone carving, so my work now has a strong focus on Australian stones ranging from local sapphires, opals and quartzes, to the lesser know jaspers, agates and chrysopraises.

Can you please walk us through making one of your products, from conception through completion, in 5 steps?
It would be impossible to tell you how I make anything in 5 steps it is trade secret and would mean I would have to kill you!!

If you want to know how to make your own in (and it’d take more than 5 steps)
I teach silver smithing classes at Nepean Community Collage or you could join Blaxland Lapidary Club to learn how to cut stones ( also more than 5 steps!)

Where can we find you?
I sell at The Nook in Leura and online via www.metalandstone. and direct from workshop, making bespoke pieces.


  1. Sue's jewellery is irresistable!
    Both my daughter and I have several pieces, and they make great gifts.

  2. Also Sues courses are excellent and, most importantly, fun. I might even do it again.