Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 minutes with... Beadsme / Radicalglass

Radical Glass ~ A Pink Sky - Glass Pendant

Beadsme ~ Bright Blue Skies - Earrings

Who are you & what do you do?
My name is Mandy Harvey and I live in Grose Wold. I am a jewellery creator and a new addition to glass pendant designers.

How did you come up with your business name?
Beadsme - jewellery store - that I cannot remember. I do recall trying for a name and found that someone else already had it (what that was is a mystery) but ended up chopping it about and came up with beadsme.

Radicalglass - glass store - obvious!!! Radical and hopefully unusual designs.

Can you please walk us through making one of your products, from conception through completion, in 5 steps?
Glass pendant - Firstly glass needs to be cut in various shapes. Cleaned thoroughly (or your fingerprints show) and different shapes put together to make different patterns. The glass then needs to go in to a kiln for firing, this can take between 4-5 hours. I then anneal and, usually, leave over night to cool. You never know how they will come out and it is so tempting to peek but you could crack the glass if you do. Pendants are then attached to a bail for hanging on a necklace. Voila!!!! Not too many secrets let out there LOL.

Where can we find you?
I can be found at

What are you looking forward to showing off at Mountain Makers?
Looking forward to - meeting more local artists and people. I really want to show off the new Radicalglass.


  1. Mandy makes just wonderful creative designs!

  2. Beautiful jewelry! I love how that pendant looks with those earrings!