Thursday, March 31, 2011

Designer :: Beads Me & Radical Glass

Born in the UK, moved to Australia in February 2006 with my husband, son and 2 dogs. The rest of my family, including my daughter, remain in the UK. I work full time as an accountant and design and make jewelry for a hobby. Confession - I am a beadaholic.

We last chatted with you
here. Since then you’ve travelled, created, and continue to balance a busy day job with your businesses Beads Me and Radical Glass. Phew! Just how do you do it? How do you stay on top of all the demands?

I just do not know! What day is it today??

I very rarely watch the TV, or just tend to listen to it in the background. Before creating jewellery you could say I was a “couch potato” but then in the UK I didn’t like going out in the cold and it was much nicer to curl up on a sofa with the central heating on and watch a good soap. I must admit travelling gives me the time to relax and check out the designs and new gems from overseas. I always come back with something, if it’s not an item created by someone else it’s a string of gems and beads. Twice in Thailand I ended up in a jewellery manufacturing company when asking the taxi driver for a bead shop – I soon gave up.

Like all the exhibiting artists, you’re a Blue Mountains local. What do you love about your village?

I just love the 20 minute drive up Bells Line Of Road, jump out of the car and feel like I am in the middle of nowhere without a care in the world.

What do you think are some of the limitations for indie business owners here (if any)?

Personally, I really find it hard to obtain supplies. There is so much choice in the US but then it us a big country.

For sales I feel that there is a shortage of resources to get yourself seen locally and Australia wide. This shows with my online sales being roughly 80% going overseas, majority of them to the US.

And now for a big one: What’s your ideal day look like?

Hmmm difficult.
The first thing that pops in to my head is a whole day of pampering, massage and total relaxation. Or there could be the day at the biggest craft shop or show that I have ever seen – someone tell me where that is. I have got to also add that I would love to spend a day with a wire wrapping or PMC (precious metal clay) expert. I have a whole new set of toys for PMCing but need to find the time to sit and study some books. This may be an Easter time task.

What works of yours will we get to see at Mountain Makers this year?

I have been spreading my wings lately. Concentrating a fair amount of time on semi precious gems and wire wrapping. I was hoping to get some PMC creations prepared but I need to study and get this right. I would love to say that there will be a few creations with me but at this very moment I am not sure. It has to be perfect.

There will be plenty of earrings, necklaces, glass pendants and bracelets to choose from and I have added a few slumped bottles and plates to my glass designs. Discover more about Mandy on her blog or visit her online stores


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