Monday, November 7, 2011

Indigo Elephant

Sash Hinton is the creator behind Indigo Elephant.
She is an interior designer turned full-time-mum to her sons, and IndigoElephant was born to satisfy her need for a creative outlet whilst also allowing her to look after her family. 
Sash says she has been creating things for as long as she can remember, and has a love for all forms of colour, pattern and texture.

She first began sewing for her first son when he was a few months old and she discovered there was very little available, especially for boys, that was different to what you could buy in any large shopping centre.

So Sash began her foray into a creative sewing business producing a whole range of items including -
Burp Cloths
Crayon Wallets
Dribble Bibs
Dummy Clips
Feeding Bibs
Hair Accessories
Library Totes
Pram Blankets

Sash's use of fresh modern fabrics and eye-catching designs really do stand out from the crowd.
If you have young people in your life that you need to buy gifts for them you'll find something here.

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