Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wyck Candles

Wyck is a family owned and operated candlemaking business based in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. They specialise in hand-poured palm wax pillar candles, highly scented with quality essential and fragrant oils.

Wyck candles combine natural sustainable waxes with customised essential and fragrance oils to create uniquely scented candles.

At Wyck, the philosophy is that it takes time and the best ingredients to create true quality. You won’t find any production lines or automated machines in their studio – every candle is individually hand poured, scented and packaged.

Wyck uses natural waxes that are - 
  • Free from chemicals and additives, allowing our candles to burn cleanly with minimal smoke and soot.
  • Sourced from sustainable plantations, ensuring no habitat loss for endangered species.

 Wyck produce two styles of candles - long-burning pillar candles and smaller votives.

 The votives come beautifully packaged in origami gift boxes - perfect for Christmas gifts.

With their emphasis on quality rather than quantity, Wyck have made the decision to sell directly to the public and only a handful of carefully selected retail outlets.

Come along to Mountain Makers and experience Wyck candles!

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